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  • Who is eligible to play soccer in the Greater Northwest Soccer Association (GNWSA)?
    Age and Residency Requirements - Youth Recreational League Fall Season - minimum 3 years old on or before June 1st to 18 years old maximum. Spring Season - minimum 3 years old on or before December 31st to 18 years old maximum. In general, players who reside within the boundaries of the Northwest Independent School District (including parts of Keller and Fort Worth) are residents of GNWSA. Some outlying areas, such as Rhome, Justin, Haslet, Argyle, and Ponder are considered open territories and residents of these areas may also register with GNWSA. Players living outside the GNWSA boundaries and within another association's boundaries (not an open territory) may also register with GNWSA by requesting a release from their home association. Any residents of GNWSA wishing to play in another association must obtain a release from GNWSA. Age and Residency Requirements - Adult League Players must be 19 years or older as of August 1st to participate in the Adult League. Players may register for an Adult team within GNWSA regardless of residency.  back to top

  • How do I register?
    GNWSA will conduct open registration online during a designated timeframe for each of the two soccer seasons, fall and spring. Registration for the fall season usually begins in May and registration for the spring season usually begins in November. Visit our website at for exact registration dates and deadlines.  back to top

  • What is required for registration?
    All players must register and pay online. New GNWSA players must also submit proof of age with either a state, county or city issued birth certificate or State issued ID card when registering with GNWSA for the first time. Proof of age is due by the registration deadline. Players whose proof of age has not been submitted will not be placed on teams.  back to top

  • Can my child still play if I missed the registration deadline?
    GNWSA offers Early, Regular, and Late Registration. Players registering during early registration receive a discounted rate (currently $110 per season). Players registering during regular registration pay the regular rate (currently $140 per season). Players registering during late registration pay a late registration rate (currently $175 per season). Players who register during late registration may be placed on a team or on a wait list if all teams in the gender appropriate age group are at maximum roster. At the end of late registration, players will have been added to teams or, if no space is available, will be provided a full refund.  back to top

  • How much does it cost to play soccer and what is included?
    The regular registration fee for GNWSA Youth Recreational Soccer is $140.00. Early registration discounts, sibling discounts and late registration fees may apply. The registration fee covers referee fees, participation or standings awards, per player fees due to the North Texas State Soccer Association, and other miscellaneous costs associated with providing a soccer program. The registration fee also includes an association provided uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts and socks. A uniform is issued once per soccer year in the fall, or in the spring to players who did not play in the fall. NOTE: Uniforms cannot be returned or exchanged so please be sure to order the correct size. Soccer cleats or shoes, shin guards, and soccer balls must be purchased separately by the player.  back to top

  • Is financial assistance available?
    Players needing financial assistance with the registration fee should contact the GNWSA Registrar with a written request. The parents/guardians of approved individuals may be asked to volunteer in exchange for the scholarship.  back to top

  • How do I set up a family account to be eligible to receive a sibling discount?
    Additional family members may be added to an existing account.  back to top

  • What is the GNWSA refund policy?
    GNWSA Bylaws 3.1.4 Refunds Refunds of registration fees will be permitted as listed below. Full refunds will be granted for a team not forming due to lack of registrants. Partial refunds of a maximum of 50% of the total fee paid will be granted for: 1) a team choosing to disband prior to the first week of the season; 2) a child withdrawing for medical reasons prior to the first week of the season; 3) a child moving out of the area prior to the first week of the season; or 4) a refund request one week prior to opening weekend of their particular age group. The first week of the season will be determined based on the GNWSA and NMCSL game schedule for the applicable season, and shall be based on the calendar week in which "Opening Day" occurs. Other Considerations: Refunds will not be granted in the event that we do not have a parent volunteer to coach the team. You may be asked to coach or co-coach your child's team. No refund will be granted to the non-participating player. See bylaw 3.4.2 Players that are placed on the Wait List will receive a Full Refund if we are unable to place them on a team.  back to top

  • What does my child need at practices and games?
    Players may wear appropriate clothing of their choice at practices, but they must wear the association provided uniform for games. Shin guards covered by socks are mandatory at all times for both practices and games. Soccer cleats or tennis shoes are allowed, but baseball, football or other sports cleats are strictly prohibited as they may cause injury to other players. Players should also bring water to every practice and game, and a soccer ball to all practices. The following soccer ball sizes apply to the different age divisions: size 3 for U4-U8; size 4 for U9-U12; size 5 for U13 and older.  back to top

  • How is a player's age division determined?
    Youth players' age divisions (U4-U19) are determined according to their date of birth and the North Texas State Soccer Association age chart. The age chart bases a child's age division on his/her age within a calendar year. Please note that the dates used by NTSSA are different than those used by the public school system. Players will be placed on teams according to their birth year.  back to top

  • Can players play in a different age division?
    Players may request to play up an age division. However, placement in the upper soccer age group cannot be guaranteed subject to approval by the GNWSA Board of Directors. Players with physical or mental hardships may request to play down and be approved to do so by the NTSSA Youth Commissioner.   back to top

  • How are players assigned to teams and do teams stay together from season to season?
    Players are assigned to teams based on a blind draw system conducted by the GNWSA Registrar and the GNWSA Board of Directors. GNWSA allows teams to stay together from season to season provided there are enough returning players. Returning players are placed back onto their immediate past season team before any new players (or players who have requested to go into the draft) are placed on the team. Occasionally a team is disbanded, folded, or combined with another team if enough players do not return to the team or if there are not enough players in the player pool to keep the team at minimum roster level. Returning players who wish to return to their immediate past season team must register by the established registration deadline to be allowed back onto that team. Players returning after sitting out a season will only be returned to their previous team if space is available on that team. Players who sit out more than one season are considered new players and will placed in the player pool (draw) appropriate for that player's birth date.  back to top

  • How are coaches assigned to teams?
    GNWSA, like most soccer associations, is a volunteer run organization. All teams are coached by volunteers. Coaching assignments are made by the GNWSA Director of Coaches (DOC) subject to approval or review by the GNWSA Board of Directors. A volunteer coach is generally assigned to a team when he/she volunteers to coach his/her child's team. If a team has more than one volunteer to coach, the DOC will work with the volunteers to determine a head coach and any assistant coaches. If a team is formed without any volunteers to coach, the DOC will contact the parents and guardians of the players on the team and seek volunteers or assign a volunteer from another team if needed. All volunteers must pass a criminal background check before being assigned to a team and are required to obtain the minimum level coaching certification for their age group as determined by the association no later than their second season of coaching. Coaching in GNWSA is a privilege, not a right, and volunteers may be denied the opportunity to coach if they fail to meet the requirements as set forth by the Board or if they fail to follow the rules of GNWSA and its affiliated organizations. If the DOC position is vacant, then the coaching decisions will default to the appropriate age commissioner.  back to top

  • When will I hear from my child's coach?
    Coaches will generally contact players within one week of receiving their team roster at the coaches' meeting. The date of the coaches' meeting will generally be at least three to four weeks prior to the beginning of the season. If you do not hear from your child's coach within two weeks prior to the start of the season, please contact the GNWSA Registrar to ensure your child's registration was received and your child was placed on a team.  back to top

  • When does the season season start and when does the season end?
    For the fall season, practices will typically start in early to mid August, with games starting for the older age groups before Labor Day and the younger age groups after Labor Day. The fall season will end in early to mid November. Teams may participate in tournaments after the end of the fall season. For the spring season, practices will typically start at the end of January or early February. Games will start in mid February. The spring season will end in mid May. Teams may participate in tournaments after the end of the spring season.  back to top

  • When and where are practices?
    Volunteer Coaches will set the day, time and location of the practice for his/her team. Days and times may be dependent upon availability of association practice field space and daylight time. Be prepared for practice any day of the week. NOTE: Any conflicts with practice times, days, or locations should be resolved between the player and the coach of the team. There will be no trading or swapping of players between teams due to practice conflicts.  back to top

  • How many games are there and when are they played?
    Each team will be scheduled for a total of 8-10 games, depending on the season. The majority of games will be played on Saturdays, but there may be games scheduled on Sundays or weeknights, especially if games need to rescheduled due to weather or other factors. Schedules will be available online at or from your coach.   back to top

  • Where are games played and do teams travel to different cities?
    The U4-U6 age groups play in-house only and do not play against teams from other associations. Games for in-house teams may be played at any of GNWSA's fields, including game fields in Trophy Club, Roanoke, Justin and Argyle. The U7-U8 age groups generally play in-house also but may occasionally play teams from other associations if enough teams do not exist in an age division. U9 and above teams will play games against teams from the Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League. Games for U9 and above will be held at various venues across the Northern Mid-Cities area. Please visit or for more information on field locations.  back to top

  • How much will my child play in each game?
    Coaches are required to play each player 50% of each game he/she attends provided that the player is willing to participate at that level and the following have occurred. The child will not be forced to play by the coach. Play time may be reduced due to absences from practices or games, or for disciplinary reasons. Any reductions in play time are subject to approval by the GNWSA Board of Directors. The coach should notify the referee prior to a match if a child will not be playing 50%.  back to top

  • Will my child receive a trophy at the end of the season?
    U4-U8 teams do not keep scores or standings. Therefore, each player in the U4-U8 age divisions will receive a participation award at the end of each season. The award will be chosen by the GNWSA Board and may be a trophy, medal, or other form of recognition. U9-U19 division teams will be awarded placement awards to the teams finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their respective age divisions within the Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League.  back to top

  • Who are the referees at games in GNWSA?
    Most of the referees at GNWSA's games are the local youth or adults of the association. Most of the association referees, especially for the younger age division games, are teenagers and are referees in training. While GNWSA will strive to have certified referees at all scheduled games, the U4-U8 age groups are not required to have a referee present to play a game. The two teams may agree on a volunteer to step in as referee. U9 and up teams must have a certified referee, preferably a center referee and two assistant referees, for a game to be played. Please see the GNWSA Rules and Regulations and the NMSCL rules for more information regarding game day procedures and referees.  back to top

  • What is expected of parents and spectators at games?
    Parents and spectators are expected to follow the rules and bylaws of GNWSA and its affiliates, including the GNWSA Zero Tolerance Policy and the NTSSA Code of Conduct. Parents and spectators must remain in the designated parent/spectator areas during games, refrain from coaching the team and players, and respect and obey the decisions of the referee(s) at all times. Coaches will ultimately be held responsible for the behavior of their team parents/spectators. They should not expect to have a perfect game called by the referee. Remember that most of our referees are just kids. Parents and spectators should support all referees, adult or youth, and aid them in their efforts to continue to be a better referee. Any concerns that a parent or spectator may have with a referee should be addressed in a kind and friendly manner to the GNWSA Director of Referees. Absolutely no contact should be made with the referee(s) at the game unless the referee requests it or unless the referee's attention must be gained to point out an emergency. Always keep in mind that this is youth recreational soccer, not the FIFA World Cup.  back to top

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