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U7 Commissioner

Welcome to U7!!!

Parents, whether your son or daughter is a returning player or this is the first time they've played organized soccer, our goal is to ensure a fun and positive playing atmosphere.  Please spend 20 minutes and listen to US Youth Soccer Positive Parenting video.  It's a great reminder of being a supportive voice on the sideline.

Coaches and team managers, coach badges are to be displayed at all times during games.  Also, have medical release forms and team roster on hand.  Medical release forms are available under your team got soccer account Overview tab.  Official team roster is available under the Team Profille - Documents tab.

Please reach out to me if you have questions or concerns.  Have a great season!

Tim Jones

U7 Practice Drills

Taking the kick off

This is a common 4v4 kick off formation.

Taking the kick off (advanced)

Here is an advanced 4v4 kick off formation.

Dribbling for Control - US Youth Soccer Quick Tips

Dribbling is a necessary skill for any age that can be practiced on the field and at home. Practice moving the ball with the top of the foot (instep/laces), outside of the foot, inside of the foot, and sole of the foot. Practice with BOTH feet. 
Objective: Become comfortable using all parts of the foot to move and control the ball. Quick, light touches while dribbling. Look up and try to avoid other players.
Duration: 10 minutes (about 2 minutes per skill - instep, inside, outside, sole)
Setup: 15 yard X 15 yard area that they dribble in. Each player uses their ball.
Progression: Ask the players to keep track of their touches. See if they can break THEIR record next time.

Push Pass - US Youth Soccer Skills School

Here is a fundamental passing drill that works on passing and receiving. Accuracy will come with more practice. Provide positive feedback when a player uses the the correct technique.
Objective: Pass using the inside of the foot. This works on accuracy and weight (strength of the pass).
Duration: 6 minutes
Setup: Pair players across from each other. 1 ball per pair. Player A passes to player B. Player B receives. Player B passes to player A. Player A receives. Repeat.

Ball Control

Dribbling Basics

First Touch

How to Kick a Soccer Ball


Color Breakout - U4-U6 Coaches Training



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If wet conditions exist, please check field status.  

See the Rainout Information page for more details.  

Greater Northwest Soccer Association - "Developing soccer players for the Northwest Independent School District"


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